Tools to Advocate for Abortion Care

SMFM supports access to abortion care for all individuals and is especially concerned with access for high-risk obstetric patients. In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, SMFM is creating resources to equip our members in advocating to protect and expand access to the full spectrum of reproductive health care services, including abortion care. Resources are designed to help our members address policymakers, engage with the media, advocate within their institutions, and encourage your peers and other professional societies to take a stand on abortion rights.  

This webpage will be updated as new resources are created, so please come back to this page as you use these documents to ensure you have the latest tools from SMFM.


2022 State Ballot Measure One-Pagers (California  |  Kentucky  |  Michigan  |  Montana  |  Vermont)

Five states currently have measures on their ballots that could impact abortion access. View each state's PDF to learn more about these potential amendments, how you should vote to protect reproductive freedom, and how you can take action. 

Updated October 2022

SMFM Abortion Speaking Points (PDF | Downloadable Word Document)

A just-the-basics tool providing high-level speaking points on why abortion care is critical for high-risk obstetric patients. 

Updated June 2022


Center for Reproductive Rights - Glossary: Abortion Bans, Restrictions, and Preventions (Online Link)

The glossary provides high-level descriptions for common terms and phrases related to abortion restrictions and protections, including related legal terms. This resource can help providers interpret new and existing legislation in their state, and how said legislation may impact their ability to provide care. 

Updated July 2022


  • SMFM hosted a  members-only Fellow Lecture Series webinar addressing strategies for providing care post-Roe and mitigating adverse outcomes.. The recorded webinar is available here. (August 3)
  • SMFM hosted a webinar to share more about the Supreme Court’s decision, what is expected in the states, and how you can access support from SMFM. The recorded webinar is available here. (July 19)

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