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Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital - Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine
83 W. Miller Street
Orlando, Florida 32806
Scott Felker

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The Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies, a part of Orlando Health, is currently looking to add new physicians to our practice. 

About The Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine
Our MFM practice currently consists of 8 MFMs, 5 genetic counselors and 25 sonographers in addition to the medical and clerical staff that support these clinicians.  All 8 of our physicians are above the 80th percentile in productivity performance using MGMA data and therefore the positions we are looking to fill are an absolute add to the practice.  The opportunity to have a busy practice from the beginning is present with our group. In addition to the private practice responsibilities, we support 28 residents in our OB/GYN program.  Each of our MFMs has faculty responsibilities relative to the Residency Program.  These responsibilities primarily occur when our MFMs are on their Inpatient rotation, caring for patients in our 35 bed Antepartum Special Care Unit.  However, the MFMs also support the resident learning through typical structures like lectures and grand rounds. The current MFMs in our practice include Dr. Greg Locksmith, managing physician for the group, Dr. John Busowski, Dr. Cole Greves, Dr. Neeraj Desai, Dr. Tim O’Leary, Dr. Christopher Dixon, Dr. Tiki Bakhshi and Dr. Cristiano Jodicke.  

About Winne Palmer Hospital
Winnie Palmer Hospital is a 285 bed facility dedicated exclusively to OB, GYN and Neonatal care.  The facility is part of Arnold Palmer Medical Center which is also home to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.  Winnie Palmer Hospital carries several distinctions that would be of importance to any perinatologist: 
  • One of the most experienced labor and delivery units in the nation, delivering 12,000 – 15,000 babies every year.
  • Our NICU just completed a 30 bed expansion and at 142 beds, we are now the largest NICU located in a single facility in the US. 
  • In addition to the size of our NICU, our neonatal program continues to deliver clinical outcomes that are in the top 10% for facilities participating in the Vermont Oxford Network and have continually provided the highest survivability rates for low birth weight babies in the state of Florida. 
  • Both our OB and NICU programs are part of the state’s Regional Perinatal Intensive Care Center network. 
  • Winnie Palmer Hospital is proud to be designated an AAGL Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology. 
  • Winnie Palmer Hospital is MagnetÒ Recognized for Nursing Excellence and Quality Patient Care
  • Arnold Palmer Medical Center is MagnetÒ Recognized for Nursing Excellence and Quality Patient Care and has 5 pediatric specialties ranked on the U.S. News 2018-2019 Best Children’s Hospitals rankings.