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Faculty, Division of MFM

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University of Michigan
University of Michigan, 1540 West Medical Center Dr,
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109
Cosmas JM Vandeven
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Based on academic rank

Additional Information

The Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine at the University of Michigan is seeking a board certified or board eligible MD sub-specialist to join the division for a full time faculty position.  Our division is clinically exceptionally strong and busy:  We staff the antepartum service daily, in a busy, 4700 annual deliveries, new women’s hospital.  We provide ambulatory care to a variety of complex obstetric patients and have a very busy Fetal Diagnostic Center. In collaboration with our pediatric colleagues, we provide a wide array of in-utero procedures, including laser therapy for TTTS and open NTD repairs. We have an outstanding MFM fellowship, with a total of 3 fellows. The Fetal Diagnostic Center (FDC) is the site of our fetal evaluations.  The FDC is continuing to expand in both volume of patients seen and range of services offered.  With over 20,000 annual patient visits, the unit offers high quality screening and diagnostic services for women with both high and low risk pregnancies. We also focus on in-utero diagnosis and treatment of a variety of medical and surgical disorders. All MFM faculty members participate in the care offered through this unit; the result is a state of the art unit that provides outstanding and compassionate care to patients and families.  The team includes four genetic counselors, eight sonographers, antenatal testing nurses, and dedicated support staff. Closely aligned with the FDC is the Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Center of the University of Michigan which is a multidisciplinary group involved in counseling patients and in performing fetal therapies. This group includes representation from MFM, Pediatric Surgery, Neonatology, Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatric Radiology, Pediatric Pathology, Pediatric Genetics, as well as Pediatric Urology and Pediatric Neurosurgery.  In our weekly meetings, we review all cases with fetal anomalies providing a forum for presenting ultrasound and fetal MRI images and orchestrating detailed discussions regarding management plans. This highly attended weekly multidisciplinary conference allows for a unique academic opportunity for all learners including medical students, residents, fellows, staff, junior and senior faculty.  We were accepted as members into the North American Fetal Network (NAFTNet) and participate in multiple research protocols through this organization to improve our knowledge of fetal therapies and conditions with the aim to improve maternal and fetal outcomes for these complicated pregnancies.

The FDTC continues to expand the therapies offered with referrals from around the country.  As the only program in Michigan, and one of few in the region, our selective endoscopic laser ablation for twin twin transfusion syndrome and open repair for meningo-myelocele are continuing to grow.  We currently offer the full range of fetal therapies in addition to the above, including EXIT procedures, radio-frequency ablation and in-utero cardiac interventions.  Outpatient care is provided in a variety of settings with both general and more specialized Maternal Fetal Medicine clinics.  We provide comprehensive diabetic care including visits with a dietitian and teaching by nurse educators.  The Partnering for the Future clinic is a collaborative effort between addiction psychiatry and MFM.  Patients are seen by a team representing obstetrics, psychiatry and social work.  By coordinating care for the often extreme complex psycho-social conditions, we strive to not only improve the outcome of the pregnancy, but address the many challenges that the patients face.  Residents see patients with faculty to coordinate the management plans of patients carrying pregnancies with fetal anomalies as well as pregnancies with complicated multiple gestations.  This is supplemented by an additional clinic focusing on maternal medical issues which is staffed by the MFM faculty supervising the residents and fellows. Education is a critical component of our daily activities. Learners include medical students, residents, fellows, visiting physicians and many others. The division is involved in many areas of research and collaborates with many other departments. Research is primarily clinical in nature and we have established multiple research databases as well as several ongoing prospective studies.

Candidates will be expected to devote their professional effort to conduct patient care including outpatient clinic visits, Labor and Delivery, surgical procedures and participation in the on-call system.  Additional responsibilities include the teaching of medical students, fellows, and resident physicians.  Participation in clinical and/or translational research is encouraged, and the department and medical school provides a strong infrastructure for pursuing research activities. Ann arbor is a city that values family life, education, healthy living, and culture – all within a 10-minute commute! It is consistently ranked among the top places to live in the United States.

The University of Michigan is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and encourages nominations and applications from women and minority candidates.