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Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is charged to develop and publish a variety of publications, including in particular the SMFM Consult Series and the SMFM Clinical Guidelines series published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology. The Publications Committee will collaborate with other Societies and Colleges (e.g. ACOG) in the development of joint statements/bulletins, as appropriate. The committee plans topics, selects authors, and reviews each completed paper before it is submitted for publication. Committee members are required to participate in conference calls to plan publications, to review SMFM-branded papers, and may be asked to write a paper as well. All Committee members have filed conflict of interest statements with SMFM. Any conflicts have been resolved through a process approved by the Executive Board.
Staff liaison Beth Steele:

Chair selected from existing or prior Committee members.
4 year terms with the exception of the sitting President and Immediate Past President serving on the committee. Committee shall include 1 non-BOD member. The Chair reviews new member applications in November of each year and new committee members are selected and notified at that time. New committee members should plan on attending the annual Pregnancy Meeting in late January/early February as all SMFM committees schedule face-to-face meetings at the annual conference.
Mary Norton

Current Members

  • Jeffrey Kuller
  • Sean Blackwell
  • Tracy Manuck
  • Mary Norton
  • Lauren Plante
  • Eva Pressman
  • Sindhu Srinivas
  • Joseph Biggio, Jr.
  • Sabrina Craigo
  • Malavika Prabhu
  • Cynthia Gyamfi-Bannerman
  • Luis Pacheco
  • Judith Hibbard
  • Methodius Tuuli
  • Judette Louis
  • Flint Porter

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