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SMFM's Practice Management Consulting services help MFM physicians and their associated organizations strategically promote excellence in operational efficiency, profitability, and patient care.

Available Modules
- Strength and weakness overview assessment of your organization’s financial and operational health, as compared to similar practice settings nationally.
- In-depth organizational examination and analysis of operational, financial, and clinical systems, and action plan creation to move your organization to its potential success.
- Remote and onsite coding education/auditing to maximize your organization’s bottom line profitability  


  Dr. Dan O'Keeffe is a maternal-fetal medicine specialist with 30 years of experience in MFM practice.  He is the former executive vice-president of SMFM and the founder of the Association of Maternal-Fetal Management, now called the SMFM Practice Management Division.

  Mr. Frank Ciafone is a leading authority on health care management. He provides financial and operational expertise to physicians, assisting subspecialists in all practice settings on profitability issues. He is a member of SMFM's Practice Management Advisory Board.

  Mr. Brad Hart is a leading industry expert in medical billing and coding. A regular presenter at SMFM's bi-annual Coding Course, Mr. Hart has more than 25 years of experience as a coder, billing department director, practice administrator, coding educator, and author.

Download the SMFM Practice Management Consulting brochure. For more information, contact Tim Heinle, Director of Member Services and Strategic Partnerships at or +1 (202) 517-6353.

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