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Mary Norton, MD - President
San Francisco, CA
Ex-Officio for the Perinatal Quality Foundation
Alfred Abuhamad, MD - Vice President/President Elect
Norfolk, VA
Brian Iriye, MD - Secretary-Treasurer
Las Vegas, NV
William Grobman, MD - Asst. Secretary-Treasurer
Chicago, IL
Laura Riley, MD - Immediate Past President
Boston, MA


William Goodnight, MD
Chapel Hill, NC
Stephanie Martin, DO
Colorado Springs, CO
Joanne Stone, MD
New York, NY
Alison Cahill, MD
St. Louis, MO
Aaron Caughey, MD, PhD, MPH
Portland, OR
Lorraine Dugoff, MD
Philadelphia, PA
Cynthia Gyamfi-Bannerman, MD, MSc
New York, NY
Connie Graves, MD
Nashville, TN
Jeffrey Kuller, MD
Durham, NC
Thomas Lee, MD, MBA
Portland, OR
Jeanne Sheffield, MD
Baltimore, MD


Laura Dean, ACOG Representative
George Wendel, MD, Ex-Officio for ABOG
James Keller, MD, Ex-Officio for the Association for Maternal Fetal Medicine Managment
Uma Reddy, MD, Ex-Officio for NICHD/NIH
Mary D'Alton, MD, Ex-Officio for The Pregnancy Foundation

Associate Member Representatives: 

Leslie Moroz, MD
Jasmine Lai, MD

Staff Directory:

We regret that the SMFM Headquarters is not staffed to provide responses to inquiries about specific medical conditions or treatments.

Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine

409 12th Street, SW
, 6th Floor
Washington, DC 20024

Executive Leadership: 

Matt Granato, MBA, LLM
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Phone: 202/863-2547
Fax: 202/554-1132

Julie Miller

Chief Relationship Officer

Phone: 202/863-2480

Fax: 202/554-1132


Daniel O'Keeffe, MD

Executive Vice President

Phone: 602/791-0176

Fax: 202/554-1132


Kathryn Schubert, MPP
Chief Advocacy Officer
Phone: 202/863-2519



Christopher Coleman, PMP  
General Project Manager
Phone: 202/863-2563
Fax: 202/554-1132


Debbie Gardner

Executive Assistant to Dan O'Keeffe, MD

Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine

PO Box 2282

Carefree, AZ 85377-2282

Phone: 480/272-7935

Fax: 480/272-8368


Lara Meyer
Accounting Coordinator
Phone: 202/863.2487
Fax: 202/554-1132

Terri Mobley, CMP

Director, Meetings and Events
Phone: 202/863-2435

Fax: 202/554-1132


Beth Steele

Director, Publications and Practice Guidelines

Phone: 202/431-0423

Kara Shumaker
Events and Exhibits Coordinator
Phone: 202/863-1640
Fax: 202/554-1132


Kerri Wade, MPA
Director of Communications
Phone: 202/863-2485
Fax: 202/236-1780

Editorial Coordinator

Dear SMFM Members and Colleagues,

Please know that we, the small staff at SMFM, do our best to answer phone calls and voicemail messages every day and regret when we are out of the office and unable to speak with you. There are times when the entire staff is out of the office attending to Society business. We do try and respond to voicemail messages as soon as possible, however, the best way to reach us is by sending an email, our email addresses are listed below.

Thank you for understanding our request to help you more efficiently and effectively. It helps the SMFM staff accomplish more to serve you better!

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