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SMFM's Education Committee and volunteer leaders have developed a number of no-cost, online learning resources for MFMs and other OB care providers. If you have questions or need assistance, contact Beth Steele.


Learn from Drs. Amir Shamshiraz, Emily Naoum, Yalda Afshar, Torre Halscott, Andrea Edlow, and Jason Vaught on the webinar, "ECMO in Pregnant Patients with COVID-19." (Recorded September 14, 2021)

Learn from Drs. Jackie Parchem, Omar Young, Adi Hirshberg and other MFMs on the webinar, "Myth-Busting COVID-19 vaccines in Pregnancy." (Recorded September 10, 2021)

Learn from Dr. Dana Meaney-Delman, Co-Lead of the Vaccine Task Force at the CDC on the webinar, “COVID-19 Vaccine Data and Implications for Pregnant People. (Recorded March 25, 2021)

Learn from Dr. Torre Halscott on the webinar, "COVID-19 Updates in Pregnancy," (Recorded March 3, 2021)


Learn from Drs. Brenna Hughes, Geeta Swamy, and Heather Lipkind  on the webinar, "SMFM COVID-19 Vaccine Updates." (Recorded on December 17, 2020)

Learn from Drs. Amber Samuel, Tom Lee, Vineet Shrivastava, Riz Fareeduddin, and Brian Iriye on the webinar, "Community Practice Considerations." Additional resources mentioned in the webinar are also available here: High Risk OB and Antenatal Testing and FaceTime/ Video Call Informed Consent Form. (Recorded July 30, 2020)

Learn from Drs. Sean Blackwell, Torre Halscott, Jason Vaught, and Judette Louis, "COVID-19 and Pregnancy: An MFM Panel Discussion." (Recorded July 1, 2020)

Learn from Drs. Rodney L. Wright, Diana S. Wolfe, Rebecca Zash, and Olubukola A. Adesina, "Practical Guidance during the Era of COVID for Obstetricians in Low and Middle-Income Countries.”  (Recorded May 22, 2020)

Learn from Drs. Joey Biggio, Alison Cahill, and Chris Pettker on, "Re-Activation of Clinical Services." (Recorded May 20, 2020)

Learn from Drs. Torre Halscott, Jason Vaught, and Sindhu Srinivas on SMFM's latest COVID-19 publication, "Management Considerations for COVID+ Pregnant Patients." (Recorded on May 6, 2020)

Learn from Drs. Dan O'Keeffe, Michael Foley, and Idahlynn Karre by watching the webinar, "Physician Leadership during the COVID-19 Pandemic." (Recorded on April 29, 2020)

Learn from Drs. Vanita Jain and Sina Haeri by watching the webinar, "Telemedicine and Coding Tips in the Era of COVID." The slide deck is available here. (Recorded on April 23, 2020)

SMFM and the Infectious Diseases Society for Obstetrics and Gynecology (IDSOG) hosted a webinar with Drs. Sarah Dotters-Katz and Stephanie Gaw, "COVID-19 in Pregnancy: An Update on Treatment & Vertical Transmission." Access the slide decks from Drs. Dotters-Katz and Gaw. (Recorded on April 22, 2020)

Learn from Drs. Sarahn Wheeler and Allison Bryant Mantha by watching the recorded webinar, "Health Inequities and COVID-19." The slide decks from this webinar are also available: Dr. Wheeler’s slides and Dr. Bryant Mantha's slides. Finally, in May 2020, SMFM released a new infographic, "Strategies to Provide Equitable Care During COVID-19" to complement this webinar. Use the image on social media, in presentation slide decks, print it and hang it in your institution. (Recorded on April 15, 2020) 

Learn from Drs. Emily Miller and Sindhu Srinivas by watching the recorded webinar, "COVID-19 in Pregnancy Update on Societal Guidance and Real Life Experiences." (Recorded on April 8, 2020)


Learn from Drs. Fadi Bsat, Brian Iriye, and Tom Lee, as well as Frank Ciafone, Brad Hart, Leslie Protomastro and Pam Young by watching a recorded roundtable discussion, "MFM Practice Management in the Era of COVID-19. The slide deck is available here. (Recorded on April 10, 2020)

Learn from Drs. Cornelia Graves, Dena Goffman, Torre Halscott, and Micheal Dombrowski by watching the recorded webinar below, "COVID-19 and ICU: Respiratory Failure in Pregnancy." Additionally, Dr. Graves' slide deck and the case studies are available. (Recorded on March 25, 2020) 

Learn from Drs. Judette Louis, Christina Han, and Kimberly Ma by watching the recorded webinar below, "COVID-19 in Pregnancy: Preparing your Obstetrical Units." Additionally, the slide decks from this webinar are available: Dr. Han's slides and Dr. Ma's slides. (Recorded on March 19, 2020)


  • PODCAST: Listen to Drs. Laura Riley, Brenna Hughes, and Suwan Mehra as they discuss frequently asked questions about COVID-19. (Listener note: Since this episode was recorded, Weill Cornell Medicine's visitor policy for women in labor has decreased from one visitor to zero visitors during this time.)



Updated March 30, 2021

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