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Finding a Fellowship

All programs train fellows to manage complicated pregnancies, perform ultrasounds and diagnostic procedures, and care for critically ill mothers. Alongside this clinical experience, you will complete an independent research project, honing the skills to understand and perform original research that will improve care.

Programs vary in both their clinical emphasis and their research and education opportunities. For example, some centers have high volume, obstetrical critical care units located on a labor floor, whereas other centers partner with pediatric surgeons to perform advanced open fetal surgeries. Research programs also vary by institution. Some programs offer extensive opportunities to do bench research, whereas others offer clinical research degrees such as a Master of Science in Clinical Research. As you begin your fellowship search, think about what skills you want to hone during your training, and seek out programs that fit your needs and interests.

The ACGME web site lists currently accredited MFM Fellowships and Program Directors.

View the full list of accredited MFM programs.

MFM Fellowship at a Glance 2018 view annually updated table summary of MFM Fellowships.

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