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Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center

Francine Hughes, MD
OB/GYN, Belfer Educational Center, Room 501 1300 Morris Park Avenue
Bronx, New York 10461
Interview Dates:
8/2/2022 | 8/9/2022 | 8/23/2022
Phone #:
(718) 430-2167
Fax #:
(718) 430-8774
Salary (1st yr):
ABOG eligibility and a state medical license are REQUIRED.
Positions (1st yr):

Additional Information

The fellowship provides comprehensive exposure to the practice of Maternal-Fetal Medicine in a major academic medical center. Clinical activity in two adjacent large teaching hospitals, which deliver 7000 women in aggregate. Experience on both private and municipal services thus provided. A busy Fetal Diagnostic and Testing Unit provides considerable expertise and technical skills in ultrasound evaluation of the fetus, fetal invasive procedures, Doppler evaluation of fetal blood flow, fetal heart rate monitoring and consultation relating to high risk pregnancy. An active regional program exists dedicated to the care of pregnant women with serious medical conditions, including diabetes mellitus and HIV/AIDS. Opportunities for fellows to pursue interests in global women's health, critical care medicine, or public health are available. Clinical or laboratory research is required and ample opportunities and guidance are provided. Examples of divisional laboratory research include: fetal origins of adult disease, carbohydrate metabolism in pregnancy, fetal and placental development of the role of annexin in pathologic pregnancy. A computerized perinatal data base system provides many opportunities for examining the relationships among obstetric risk factors, interventions and perinatal outcome. All of the members of the combined MFM division convene weekly to discuss on-going or planned research programs, clinical cases of unusual interest, or to review literature in areas of particular current relevance.

Program Courses (in months)

Clinical MFM:
Elective Time:

Graduate Courses

Name Type
Statistics/Epidemiology Mandatory
Research Methodology Recommended
Genetics/Molecular Biology Mandatory
Embryology/Teratology Recommended
Computer Science Recommended
Physiology Offered
Infectious Disease Offered
Other Basic Science Offered
Other Clinical Courses Offered

MFM Faculty

Name Interests
Irwin R. Merkatz, MD MCP, DBM, PRM, CMP, CLN
David Garry, DO CLN, APT, PRM, EDU
Peter Bernstein, MD, MPH APT, CLN, MCP, STA, USG
Dena Goffman, MD CCU, MCP, HTN, EDU
Cynthia Chazotte, MD MCP, APT, DBM, DRG, EDU
Karen Beckerman, MD APT, DBM, HTN, MCP, MFM
Francine Einstein, MD DBM, FPH, USG
Mary King, MD EMB, GEN, USG
Rodney Wright, MD INF, MCP, STA
Nancy Kirshenbaum, MD MCP, APT, USG
John Ilagan, MD CCU, MCP, HTN, EDU
Ashlesha Dayal, MD MFM, USG, PRM
Ellen Landsberger, MD MCP, APT, USG
Pamela Tropper, MD STA, MFM, APT, MCP
Nergesh Tejani, MD MFM, MCP
Kafui Demasio, MD MCP, MFM, APT, HTN, DBM
Heather Lipkind, MD, MPH STA, CLN, USG

Other Faculty

Name Interests
Ruth Merkatz, PhD OTH, EDU, DRG
Ellen Harrison, MD MCP, HTN, CCU
Karla Damus, PhD STA
Margaret Freda, Ed.D. EDU
Susan Gross, MD GEN
Nir Barzilai, MD GEN, MPH, OTH
Harold Nitowsky, MD GEN
Jeffrey Pollard, PhD MPH, OTH
Deborah Campbell, MD NEO
Maureen Charron, MD DBM, FPH, MPH
Marta Feldmesser, MD INF
Peer Dar, MD USG, GEN
Jacob Rand, MD PTH
Sandra Reznick, MD PPH
Divinia Santos, MD ANS
Bernice Morrow, MD GEN