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University of Arizona Health Science Center

Lynn Coppola, MD, MPH
1501 N. Campbell
Tucson, Arizona 85724
Interview Dates:
6/15/2022 | 6/22/2022 | 7/20/2022
Phone #:
(520) 626-6636
Fax #:
(520) 626-1446
Salary (1st yr):
Positions (1st yr):

Additional Information

The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship Program encompasses three years in which research, patient care and teaching are combined. Prenatal diagnosis skills and high-risk obstetrics patient management are emphasized. Research is also important, and the level of effort will vary according to the individual. One fellowship track involves the completion of a Masters of Public Health Program. 

The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Program is currently composed of four full-time perinatologists and one part-time perinatologist, three fellows and other faculty included on a full-time or part-time basis. Neonatology, Anesthesia and Genetic departments interact heavily with the program.

Program Courses (in months)

Clinical MFM:
Elective Time:

Graduate Courses

Name Type
Statistics/Epidemiology Offered
Research Methodology Offered
Genetics/Molecular Biology Offered
Embryology/Teratology Offered
Computer Science Offered
Physiology Offered
Infectious Disease Offered
Other Basic Science Offered
Other Clinical Courses Offered

MFM Faculty

Name Interests
Lynn M. Coppola, MD, MPH
Debra Guinn, MD
Karen B. Lesser, MD
Kathryn L. Reed, MD
Teresa A. Orth, MD
Chaur-Dong Hsu, MD, MPH