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Brigham & Women's Hospital (Harvard Medical School)

Louise Wilkins-Haug, MD, Ph.D
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Dept. of OB/GYN, 75 Francis Street
Boston`, Massachusetts 02115
Phone #:
(617) 732-4287
Fax #:
(617) 232-6346
Salary (1st yr):
ABOG eligibility and a state medical license are REQUIRED.
Positions (1st yr):

Additional Information

Connor's Center for Women and Newborns housed within the Brigham and Women's Hospital provides antepatum, intrapartum, and postpartum care within a tertiary/quartenary level academic medical center. Over 8,000 pregnancies are delivered annually and we receive approximately 400 maternal transports a year. The MFM division directly supervises or provides care for 2000 complicated pregnancies through a combination of an ambulatory MFM practice, resident obstetric clinic and a consultative service. The Center for Fetal Medicine and Prenatal Genetics provides state-of-the-art ultrasound, medical consultation, genetics and fetal surgery services to a geographic region encompassing much of New England. Close proximity to Children's Hospital Medical Center of Boston facilities care for unusual neonatal medical and surgical cases following delivery. A dedicated perinatal pathologist is available to the obstetric services through the Women's Division of Pathology. All obstetric services are provided in a 10 story Center for Women and Newborns that houses the NICU, a 27 bed LDR suite, 20 antenatal and 90 postpartum beds in addition to the ambulatory services described above. A combined MFM-Genetics fellowship is available.

Program Courses (in months)

Clinical MFM:
Elective Time:

Graduate Courses

Name Type
Statistics/Epidemiology Mandatory
Research Methodology Offered
Genetics/Molecular Biology Offered
Embryology/Teratology Offered
Computer Science Offered
Physiology Offered
Infectious Disease Offered
Other Basic Science Offered



MFM Faculty

Name Interests
Louise Wilkins-Haug, MD, PhD GEN, FSG
David Acker, MD CLN, MFM
Karen A. Davidson, MD USG, MCP
Katherine Economy, MD, MPH USG, MCP
Lisa Dunn-Albanese, MD USG, GEN, FPH
Thomas McElrath, MD, PhD MCP, PRM, STA
Rosemary E. Reiss, MD GEN, USG
Julian Robinson, MD USG, MCP, HTN
Thomas Shipp, MD USG
Mehmet Genc, MD, PhD INF, PRM, GEN
Joaquin Santolaya, MD, PhD GEN, EMB, FPH, FSG, USG

Other Faculty

Name Interests
Ruth E. Tuomala, MD INF, MCP
Steven Ringer, MD, PhD NEO
William Camann, MD ANS
Carol Benson, MD USG
Beryl Benacerraf, MD USG
Daniella Carusi, MD STA, CLN