36th Annual Pregnancy Meeting™

Working together for the global advancement of safe and healthy pregnancies

February 1 - 6, 2016 | Hilton Atlanta | Atlanta, Georgia

09. Hands-On Simulation Workshop for Ultrasound Guided Invasive Procedures

Feb. 2, 2016 1 - 5pm

Learning Objectives
1.  To familiarize the participants with available options for simulating ultrasound guided invasive procedures.
2.  To introduce the participants to curricula specific for different ultrasound guided invasive procedures.
3.  To provide novice participants with instruction on the basics of ultrasound guided invasive procedures.
4.  To train experienced providers on how to establish a ultrasound guided invasive procedure simulation program at their institution.
5.  To demonstrate how simulation can be used by experienced providers to maintain skill with low-frequency procedures.

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Price: $290.00