SMFM's 41st Annual Pregnancy Meeting

Working together for the global advancement of safe and healthy pregnancies

January 25 - 30, 2021

President's Workshop on Preeclampsia (Co-sponsored by SMFM & The Preeclampsia Foundation) (Day 2)

Jan. 26, 2021 11am - 5:30pm

This year’s President’s Workshop, co-sponsored by the Preeclampsia Foundation, will bring together clinicians and researchers to discuss research gaps and innovative opportunities for research on the prediction, prevention, and management of preeclampsia.

Workshop Goals and Objectives 
·         To present innovative opportunities for research on predicting, preventing, and managing preeclampsia 
·         To identify research gaps for the prediction, prevention, and management of preeclampsia 
·         To review challenges and alternatives associated with various strategies for prediction, prevention, and management of preeclampsia 
·         To discuss needs and opportunities for research and education on the long-term impacts of preeclampsia

Preliminary Agenda
Tuesday, January 26, 2021: 11:00am-5:30pm ET
11:00-11:10am Welcome & housekeeping
Debate #1 - Therapies and strategies for preeclampsia prevention 
11:10-11:25am 3 mini-presentations
11:10-11:15 Universal aspirin (Dr. Baha Sibai)
11:15-11:20 Preeclampsia therapeutics (Dr. S. Ananth Karumanchi)
11:20-11:25 Statins (Dr. Maged Costantine)
11:25-11:55am Moderated discussion  (Dr. Erika Werner, Debate speakers)
11:55am-12:10pm Patient stories videos 
Debate #2 - Practical considerations for preeclampsia management 
12:10-12:30pm 4 mini-presentations
12:10-12:15 Home monitoring (Dr. Adi Hirshberg)
12:15-12:20 Hypertension bundles (Dr. William Sappenfield)
12:20-12:25 Medical home (Dr. Lisa Hollier)
12:25-12:30 Postpartum transition clinics (Dr. Ann Celi)
12:30-1:00pm Moderated discussion (Dr. Judette Louis, Debate speakers)
1:00-1:15pm Break & Transition
1:15-3:15pm Breakout groups – Discussion   
• Group 1 - Innovative research strategies for preeclampsia prediction; priority areas for clinical/translational research; gaps in knowledge of mechanism 
• Group 2- Novel interventions for management of preeclampsia; improving guidelines and bundles 
• Group 3 - Investigating long-term impacts of preeclampsia; engaging healthcare practitioners in long-term care 
3:15-3:45pm Break & Transition
3:45-4:15pm Breakout group #1 - Presentation & Q&A 
4:15-4:45pm Breakout group #2 - Presentation & Q&A 
4:45-5:15pm Breakout group #3 - Presentation & Q&A 
5:15-5:30pm Closing & next steps
This workshop will take place over two days. The first session is Monday, January 25 from 4 pm to 7pm pm eastern. The second session is Tuesday, January 26 from 11 am to 5:30 pm eastern. Please make sure to register for both sessions.

Price: $0.00