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January 25 - 30, 2021

SMFM Program Director's Course: Hot Topics in Medical Education for 2021

Jan. 30, 2021 2 - 5pm

Course Directors:
Judith Chung, PhD, MD, PhD
Torri Metz, MD, MSCR

Millennial learners emphasize technology and require new styles and methodologies for effective learning. COVID-19 has further complicated our ability to effectively teach in the traditional setting, and recent events have highlighted the need to ensure that our educational content addresses issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.   Join us for a 3-hour course aimed towards invigorating your conventional, lecture-based didactics with more interactive, updated teaching styles geared towards accommodating the modern learner, while improving educational content and addressing challenges we face currently with remote learning.   

Topics to be covered will include:
  • Inclusive Education:  Discussion on how to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion are considered when creating educational content and recommendations for best practice 
  • Bedside Teaching: 10 ways to better incorporate bedside teaching into rounds/clinic and discuss best practices in a team based learning style lecture 
  • Audience Response Systems: Introduction to commercial systems such as PollEverywhere, Mentimeter, and Kahoot that are free or low-cost 
  • Podcasting for Education:  Why record your lectures with podcasting and an introduction to options for software 
  • Virtual Teaching and Games:  Best practices in the COVID era - how to organize didactics utilizing Zoom and other online learning methods and how to incorporate games virtually so that your teaching objectives are being met in a more engaging format   
This course will be taught by guest lecturers from the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of California, Irvine who have extensive backgrounds in graduate medical education, multimedia design, and educational technologies.  Both large group and small group discussions will be utilized.   

Learning Objectives
  1. To understand the needs of Millennials learners   
  2. To become familiar with techniques that allow for more active engagement of learners   
  3. To move beyond traditional, lecture-based educational offerings to more a learner-centric approach   
  4. To discuss virtual teaching options and best practices given the COVID-19 Pandemic   
  5. To address ways by which to ensure your educational content addresses diversity, equity, and inclusion 

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