SMFM's 41st Annual Pregnancy Meeting

Working together for the global advancement of safe and healthy pregnancies

January 25 - 30, 2021

Industry-Sponsored Learning Session - Myriad Presents: Provide Equity of Care with the Latest Innovation in NIPS

Jan. 29, 2021 2 - 3pm

50% of pregnant patients have high BMI1, and many will be offered NIPS later in pregnancy than other patients or be offered a less sensitive screen rather than NIPS. These alternative strategies are often offered in hopes of avoiding the concern that arises with a test failure due to low fetal fraction or concern about results because of how a low fetal fraction sample may influence accuracy. Further complicating the problem is that BMI is not evenly distributed across ethnicities. This creates a disparity in care in pregnancy management. We will discuss the magnitude of this problem, as well as present a new revolutionary technology that virtually eliminates the issues that low fetal fraction can cause on NIPS samples, with the largest effect on those that are traditionally difficult-to-call. Data will be presented to demonstrate how this technology works, as well as, how it can have a widespread impact on patient care, especially as recent societal guidelines expand access to more pregnant women. 

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