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Advocate for Moms this Mother's Day

   The Society is an official partner of the March for Moms. The rally will raise awareness of      maternal mortality in the United States, racial disparities in maternal health and more. 

   Join us for the rally and a great line-up of speakers, including SMFM's President-Elect,
   Dr. Judette Louis. Families are welcome!  If you are not in the Washington, DC area, you can    get involved, too. 

LEARN about efforts in your state to reduce maternal mortality and improve health equity by visiting our interactive map.  Click on your state for additional information.

WRITE to your Members of Congress and ask that they support The MOMMA's Act, which would extend Medicaid coverage for one year postpartum. We have a template letter to make it easy.

ENGAGE on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #MarchForMoms, #BeyondTheMarch and #LoveAnotherMother to raise the visibility of maternal health issues.

READ about the federal legislation that SMFM supports related to maternal health, including the recent Coalition for Health Funding blog post from SMFM's Chief Advocacy Officer, Katie Schubert. 

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