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The SMFM Practice Management Division

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In 2018, SMFM joined forces with the Association for Maternal-Fetal Medicine Management (AMFMM) to create the SMFM Practice Management Division (PM Division) with the goal of providing both individuals and organizations the business, leadership, and administrative resources required for success at every stage of their careers or their organization’s life cycle.

Recognizing the need for regular updates on coding and billing, as well as a gap in the educational preparation of physicians and other members of the MFM team, the PM Division provides comprehensive preparation for the management and administration of operations of a high-risk obstetric practice through:

  • The SMFM Practice Management Conference convenes the entire MFM practice management ecosystem for the premier national event focusing on practice management for MFM and obstetrics. Each year, the Practice Management Conference evolves to keep pace with ever-changing practice management trends and best practices and grows accordingly with new end-user markets, applications and technologies;
  • Two leadership training programs: one designed for physicians and the other designed to support the personal and professional development of practice managers;
  • An online mentorship program for fellows, junior faculty and other members of the OB care team that connects them to business leaders in MFM;
  • The SMFM Practice Management Consulting service, designed to help MFM physicians and their organizations strategically promote excellence in operational efficiency, profitability, and patient care;
  •  A Practice Management online community to provide physicians, practice managers, coders and office professionals with best practices, connections to leaders in the field, and the ability to share their knowledge of individual topics; and
  • Benchmarking data that compares office scheduling, salaries, EMR usage, practice efficiency, and outcomes based on various practice models across the United States, and publications on practice management. 

Practice Management Division Advisory Board
| Fadi Bsat, MD – Chair  |  Thomas Lee, MD, MBA – Immediate Past-Chair  |  Steve Rad, MD – Coding Committee Chair  | 
|  James Keller, MD | Vanita Dharan Jain, MD  |  Dan O’Keeffe, MD  |  Connie Graves, MD  |  Leslie Protomastro, RN, MBA |
| Benjamin Vaughan, MBA, CPC  |  Rita Willis, RN, MPH  |  Frank Ciafone, MBA  | Amber Samuel, MD  |  Pam Young, MSSL |
| Kerri Brackney, MD  |  Suwan Mehra, MD  |  Jaimey Pauli, MD  |  Angela Silber, MD  |  Kathleen Minor, MD |
| Ngina Conors MD  |  Theresa Jentink, MD  |  Jeannie Kelly, MD  |  Rizwana Fareeduddin, MD |  Emily Blend, MBA, MSN, RN  |  
|  Hiba Mustafa, MD  |  Karen Wilson, MD  |  Linda Carroll, CMPE  |  Linda Culver, MPA, MHM  |  

For questions about SMFM's resources for practice professionals, please contact Donna Tyler, SMFM's Lead Strategist of Practice, Payment, and Informatics. 

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