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Practice Management Resources

Managing an MFM practice can be complex. We have webinars, in-person courses, consulting services, and other tools that help our members stay up-to-date with MFM coding and other rapidly changing practice management issues. Questions? Contact Rachelle Fondaw.

Practice Management Division Advisory Board
James Keller, MD – Chair  |  Thomas Lee, MD  |  Annette Perez-Delboy, MD  |  Sean Blackwell, MD 
Natie Fox, MD  |  Connie Graves, MD | Brian Iriye, MD |  Vanita Dharan Jain, MD  |  Fadi Bsat, MD  |  Dan O’Keeffe, MD 
Pam Pressley  | Alla Ustinov, RN, MPH |  Benjamin Vaughn |  Rita Willis, RN, MPH  |  Frank Ciafone, MBA  |  Masaru Negi

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