SMFM Member Mailing List

SMFM Member Mailing List

When ordering the mailing list, please provide a copy of your mail piece to SMFM for review and approval by emailing Akshay Anikhindi at

The SMFM mailing list contains physical addresses only. SMFM does not share members’ email addresses with third parties.

Mailing List Lease Agreement Conditions

  • The SMFM membership list contains approximately 5,000+ records and may be leased on a one-time only basis.
  • Addresses are maintained solely by the SMFM members themselves. SMFM does not lease member’s e-mail addresses to outside parties.
  • The mailing list renter agrees that the renter will not distribute, disclose, duplicate, reproduce, or retain any portion of the list in any form, including entering the data into an electronic database. Further, the list shall not be used for telephone solicitation of any kind, solicitation of funds, or data collection.
  • The SMFM must review all mail pieces prior to mailing. If the mailing list renter uses the list for distribution of materials in addition to, or different from, the mail piece approved by the SMFM, the mailing list renter will be liable for liquidated damages in the amount of $10,000.00, which the mailing list renter agrees is reasonable.
  • The mailing list renter shall hold the SMFM harmless and indemnify the SMFM against any claim, damage, expense, liability, or obligation incurred by reason of the renter's use of the list, including - without limitation - reimbursement of the SMFM for attorney's fees and all costs the SMFM may incur in enjoining unauthorized parties from using the membership list in all cases where such unauthorized parties gained access to the list through the renter listed above or any of the renter's agents or employees.
  • The mailing list renter agrees that the SMFM will have the right to monitor use of the mailing list. The mailing list renter further agrees that it shall not use the list in any way that does not comply with any and all applicable laws or regulations or that violates any right of any third party.
  • SMFM retains absolute right to deny rental of the list, with or without cause.
  • The prices above are subject to change without notice and SMFM reserves the right to lease the member mailing list at a discounted or complimentary rate should the Leadership (Exec. VP and/or Board of Directors) warrant that the mailing serves to further the goals and mission of the Society.
  • The Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine or SMFM may not be cited on any portion of the renter's mail piece.
  • The list contains unique and proprietary information and is the sole and exclusive property of the SMFM. SMFM reserves all rights to the list, and nothing in this agreement transfers or assigns any proprietary right in the list from the SMFM to the mailing list renter.
IMPORTANT: Once you complete the purchase of the SMFM Mailing List online you will be contacted within 48 hours with with instructions on how to access the list.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your list order please contact Akshay Anikhindi at

On May 1, pricing for job postings and mailing lists will increase to $550 for members, $1375 for non-members. Featured job postings will increase to $550.
Price: $1,375.00
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