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SMFM Special Statement: Race in maternal-fetal medicine research- Dispelling myths and taking an accurate, antiracist approach

Profound inequities in maternal and infant outcomes based on race exist, and the maternal-fetal medicine community has an important role in eliminating these disparities. Accurately employing race and ethnicity as social constructs within research that guides clinical practice is essential to achieving health equity. We must abandon commonly propagated myths that race is a surrogate for genetics or economic status and that data are exempt from potential bias. These myths can lead to harmful misconceptions that exacerbate racial disparities in maternal and infant health outcomes. Furthermore, these myths obscure racism as the true underlying etiology of racial disparities. Understanding that race is a social construct and using an antiracist approach to research are essential in combating racism and eliminating unacceptable disparities in maternal and infant health. This document provides specific suggestions to approach the research process with an antiracist framework.




SMFM Statement