SMFM Scorecard: 2020 — 2021

Maternal mortality rates in the United States are rising. The U.S. has the highest rate of maternal death among developed nations with significant racial disparities and large differences in rates between states. SMFM has identified five important ways that states are addressing the rising rates of maternal mortality:

The map showcases states that have implemented these system-level changes. CLICK on a state for information on steps being taken to address maternal mortality and racial disparities.

SMFM advocates for federal and state-level policy changes that:

  • improve access to maternity care benefits
  • reduce health care disparities and
  • standardize data collection related to maternal morbidity and mortality.

Learn more about our legislative and policy priorities. For questions or additional information, please contact our Director of Government Relations, Rebecca Abbott at

SMFM examined five criteria related to maternal mortality for each state and the District of Columbia. States that met all five of the criteria are the lightest shade on the map; those states that met none of the criteria are the darkest. Learn more about the sources and methodology behind scorecard.

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