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SMFM has been described as a ‘quilt that has been crafted by a membership rich in talent, passion and volunteerism.’ Through the society, our members share their passion for excellence in clinical care, education and research. Get involved with the Society by joining our online communities, serving on a committee, pursuing a mini-sabbatical, or reaching across oceans as part of our global health program. Together, we can improve care.

NING Communities

Enjoy the energy and excitement of The Pregnancy Meeting year round through NING Communities. In these online forums, SMFM members share advice, discuss clinical challenges, and connect with members worldwide. Join the conversation at


The Society's government relations and health policy committees advocate for policies and systems of care that match families facing high risk pregnancy with the resources they need. We support research funding, we catalyze quality improvement efforts to protect mothers and babies from catastrophic complications, and we partner with payers to make sure patients have access to treatments that improve outcomes of complicated pregnancies. Learn more about SMFM advocacy, policy partners and policy initiatives.

The Pregnancy Foundation

The Pregnancy Foundation is the Foundation for SMFM, and its mission is to advance care in pregnancy through research and education. More information about the Foundation's scholarships and grants, including the Pregnancy Foundation/AAOGF Scholars Program, Mini-Sabbatical Grants, Queenan Fellowships for Global Health, and the Quilligan Scholars,  can be found on their website. Help grow the field of MFM by donating to The Pregnancy Foundation.

Fellow Lectures

The SMFM Fellow Lecture Series complements the MFM Fellowship Program with a twice-monthly web lecture series by leaders in MFM, ultrasound, research design, and genetics. Join us on the first and third Wednesdays to hear your colleagues share state-of-the-art strategies for managing the un-routine.

SMFM Academy for Leadership and Development

We are all called to be leaders in our daily lives with patients, colleagues, hospital administration and insurance carriers. The Academy brings together MFMs from across the country for two weekends of Zen wisdom blended with business theory, building the skills we need to improve pregnancy outcomes.

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