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A recent study showed that more than 50% of SMFM's physician members are experiencing burnout. Physician burnout has profound implications for physicians, their families, staff and the patients they serve.  In response, the Society created "SMFM Thrive," a wellness program for MFMs and their staff. 

e-Learning Offerings

  • Thrive: An Online Resource consists of videos, links, didactic information, and interactive exercises designed to help learners identify the signs and symptoms of burnout and take steps to help themselves and their organizations create a culture of wellness. The course is open and free to everyone, including nonmembers of SMFM.                                                                                        
  • MFM Fellow's Bundle for Burnout and Personal Resilience: Dr. Heather Lipkind shares evidence-based ways to improve individual resilience in this one-hour webinar. Free for SMFM members, $50 for non-members.

  • Getting Back Up: Being and Helping the Second Victim Podcast: Adverse outcomes are rare in obstetrics, but when they occur they are devastating to patients and caregivers. Join Drs. Heather Lipkind and Chris Pettker for this 30-minute podcast as they use their personal experiences to discuss the resources for supporting 'second victim’ caregivers who experience critical events. Free for SMFM members and non-members.
  • Find a Mentor: SMFM's Mentor Match Program matches clinicians and scientists with similar interests. Connect with someone outside of your institution who may share your research interest or clinical expertise. Available exclusively to SMFM members.

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