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Protect Yourself. Protect Your Baby. Get Vaccinated.

The Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine and other pregnancy experts agree that you need three vaccines for pregnancy: influenza (flu), pertussis (whooping cough), and COVID-19. Find maternal vaccine resources below and share them with your patients. For more information visit

Maternal Vaccination Poster 
(en Español
Download, print, and display this poster in your clinical setting to highlight the importance of recommended vaccines during pregnancy. 

Protect Your Family with COVID Vaccination (en Español)
Pregnancy expert, Dr. Daisy León-Martínez , explains how COVID vaccination protects pregnant people and their families against COVID. 

Pregnant? Safeguard Your Health with COVID Vaccination
Pregnancy expert, Dr. Courtney Townsel, talks with a new mom about her decision to get vaccinated.

Physicians, Nurses, and Pharmacists Agree: COVID Vaccination is Safe and Effective

Healthcare experts discuss the safety and effectiveness of COVID vaccination during pregnancy.


COVID Vaccination Does Not Cause Infertility
 Pregnancy experts, Drs. Daisy León-Martínez and Courtney Townsel, talk about how COVID vaccination vaccination is safe, effective, and doesn’t affect future fertility. 

COVID Vaccination is Important for Protecting Pregnant People and Their Babies
Pharmacist and expectant mom, Iman Bazzi, along with pregnancy experts, Drs. Daisy León-Martínez and Courtney Townsel, Explain Why COVID Vaccination is Important to Protect Pregnant People and their Babies

Give Your Baby the Best Start in Life with COVID Vaccination
A mom-to-be talks talks about protecting herself and her baby by getting a COVID vaccination.  

The videos above were made possible, in part, by support from CVS Health, Inc.

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