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International Task Force

The Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine is committed to improving the attendance and participation of Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists, Obstetricians, Midwives, Nurses, Neonatologists, Anesthesiologists and all health care providers involved with the care of the pregnant woman and the neonate, from low and middle income countries for the 36th Annual Pregnancy Meeting.

Our goal is to equip all attendees with the knowledge base and tools that will lead to improved maternal outcomes; however, we want to ensure that all MFM’s and Obstetricians around the world have the chance to attend. This is why we have decided to provide a substantial discount to International attendees that come from Low income and Middle income countries.

If you are an International Member and your country falls within the World Bank’s parameters of low income/lower-middle income and upper-middle income, please e-mail Kara Shumaker at for a discount when registering for the 36th Annual Pregnancy Meeting.

You can find a full list of income brackets here:

Here is a quick definition for the income brackets that include a discount for the Pregnancy Meeting:

Low-income and lower-middle income countries will have their Scientific Session fee and two Postgraduate Courses waived for the SMFM 36th Annual Pregnancy Meeting.

Upper-middle income countries will have their Scientific Session waived for their first year attending the meeting

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

The International Task Force

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