2022 Annual Report

Dear Colleagues:

We are pleased to share the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine’s 2022 Annual Report. Intended to be a snapshot of the year, the Annual Report showcases the innovative programs and key accomplishments of the Society in 2022. Highlights include:

  • To advance high-risk pregnancy care, we developed and endorsed clinical guidelines on topics including cesarean scar ectopic pregnancy, anticoagulation and cardiac disease, pregnancy at age 35 years or older, mPox, and more.
  • To enhance transparency and further our commitment to inclusivity, we collected information about race and gender from SMFM members and leaders (Board of Directors and committees). We are pleased to confirm that our leadership continues to reflect the gender and racial make-up of the membership, and we will begin to look at other demographic variables in the future as we strive for diversity and belonging among all SMFM’s member types.
  • With a goal of providing widespread access to knowledge, we educated more than 6,000 people online in 2022 on a range of topics, including MFM coding, reproductive health, quality improvement, and more.
  • Through collective efforts with partnering organizations, we advocated for positive changes in maternal health, securing permanent Medicaid extension for a full year postpartum and leading efforts to introduce the Advancing Safe Medications for Moms and Babies Act, a bipartisan bill aimed at better understanding the effects of medications on pregnant and lactating people.

Members are at the center of all our accomplishments, and we are grateful for the countless hours of volunteer service that our members contribute. Despite continued threats to maternal health and patient autonomy, our dedicated membership and our commitment to health equity leave us optimistic for the future. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the SMFM staff or members of our Board directly. 


Tony Sciscione, DO

Joanne Stone, MD, MS
Immediate Past-President

Christina Wurster, MBA, CAE
Chief Executive Officer