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Staff Directory

SMFM members may access a complete staff directory that includes email addresses, here. We hope to hear from you.

Senior Executive Team  

  Matt Granato, LLM, MBA, Chief Executive Officer
  Phone: + 1 (202) 517-6585 
  Let me help you with: strategy, operations, and leadership; feedback and concerns on member programs and                 initiatives; international and affinity organization partnerships.

  Rachelle Fondaw, MBA, Chief Learning Officer
  Phone: + 1 (202) 517-6343
  Let me help you with: in-person and online education, professional development.

  Julie Miller, Chief Relationship Officer
  Phone: + 1 (202) 517-6352
  Let me help you with: member programs, products, and services; member volunteerism; industry relations and  opportunities, including advertising, sponsorship, and exhibits.

  Kathryn Schubert, MPP, Chief Advocacy Officer
 Phone: + 1 (202) 517-6122
 Let me help you with: advocacy; federal and state government relations; health policy; legislation; and government and  policy stakeholder coalition building.


 Virginia Andrews, MPH, Program Manager
 Phone: + 1 (202) 517-7127
 Let me help you with: ¬≠¬≠State and federal policy proposals related to contraception and reproductive health services; and   the integration of family planning and reproductive healthcare services into the clinical practice of MFM.

  Christopher Coleman, MBA, PMP, Director of Online Education
 Phone: + 1 (202) 517-6346
 Let me help you with: live and on-demand online educational offerings.

  Darryl Diamond, CMP, Manager, Onsite Education and Exhibitor Support
  Phone: +1 (202) 517-6563
  Let me help you with: in-person educational opportunities.

  Lolita Hampton, Office Coordinator, SMFM | Program Coordinator, Foundation for SMFM
Phone: +1 (202) 517-7121
 Let me help you with: SMFM online product orders, the Foundation for SMFM's Literature Alert Series, applying for  mini-sabbatical grants, Queenan Fellowships, or the Quilligan Scholars Program.

 Tim Heinle, Member Services Manager

 Phone: + 1 (202) 517-6353
 Let me help you with: membership benefits, subscriptions, dues renewals, and online accounts.

  Michelle Lax, Finance Manager 
 Phone : +1 (202) 517-6626
 Let me help you with: payments, reimbursements, and general accounting issues.

  Kathleen Scogna, Editorial Manager
 Phone: + 1 (202) 517-7039
 Let me help you with: editorial support for SMFM publications and online patient education.

  Jessica Sheehan, Senior Executive Assistant 
 Phone: + 1 (202) 517-6595
 Let me help you with: online job postings and orders, mailing lists, and administrative matters for the Senior Executive   Team and Board of Directors.

  Nneka St. Gerard, CMP, Senior Director, Annual Meeting
 Phone: + 1 (202) 517-6345
 Let me help you with: the SMFM Annual Meeting, abstract submission, and the SMFM Program Committee.

  Beth Steele, Senior Director, Publications and Clinical Guidelines
 Phone: + 1 (202) 517-7029
 Let me help you with: publications and guidelines, clinical guidelines development, clinical content, and patient  education.

  Kerri Wade, MPA, Senior Director of Communications
 Phone: + 1 (202) 517-6121
 Let me help with you with: press inquiries, website content, social media, the Special Delivery member newsletter, and  position statements.      

Foundation for SMFM
The Foundation for SMFM (formerly the Pregnancy Foundation) was created to support the development of research and  educational opportunities in maternal-fetal medicine. The Foundation receives support from SMFM members, Corporate Council members, patients, and the public in order to support fundamental research in maternal-fetal medicine, develop cutting edge clinical skills of MFM specialists, provide a mentoring program to future leaders in MFM, and fund opportunities for global health fellowships among SMFM members.

  Michele Prince, MS, CGC, Executive Director
 Phone: + 1 (202) 517-7068
 Let me help you with: charitable donations, applications for scholarships or grants, and all other Foundation matters.

  Michelle DiVito, MSN, RN,* Scholars Program Coordinator 
 Phone: + 1 (202) 517-7094
 Let me help you with: the Scholars Program.

* Please note that this staff member works a reduced number of hours and may not be able to respond to inquiries right away.

We regret that the SMFM Headquarters is not staffed to provide responses to inquiries about specific medical conditions or treatments.

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