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Staff Directory

The SMFM Headquarters office is based in Washington, DC. Below is the contact information for each member of the staff team - we are here to help.  Please note: the best way to reach SMFM staff is by email.  The phone numbers listed below will change in the Spring of 2017. 

Senior Executive Team

6077f46805b21fb2d22c1da404e35d2d thumb Matt Granato, LLM, MBA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) | Phone: 202.863.2547

7f9080d8daaf7d4026b188bb4a569c5e thumb Julie Miller, Chief Relationship Officer | Phone: 202.863.2480

88892cb65548c1289e1410a184372817 thumb Daniel O'Keeffe, MD, Executive Vice President | Phone: 480.272.7935   

C720ff9e07c333eb01ba9b2b8f9e14cd thumb Kathryn Schubert, MPP, Chief Advocacy Officer | Phone: 202.863.2519


Eae1df890a737a1a72fc6e25cc256eac thumb Christopher Coleman, PMP, General Project Manager | Phone: 202.863.2563

362825b2a32b3ee092c77df2da33968b thumb Debbie Gardner, Executive Assistant to Dan O'Keeffe, MD | Phone: 480.272.7935

1952f648468230fdec16dbefeaf680d4 thumb Tim Heinle, Member Services Manager

764a593c2f03c6493ca6f30b6f348d63 thumb Terri Mobley, CMP, Director, Meetings and Events | Phone: 202.863.2435

B77ced8215b1f8af263fb372726e5a06 thumb  Kathleen Scogna, Editorial Coordinator | Phone: 443.386.1851

36a09c1d29b67dd38c028690a66c0333 thumb Beth Steele, Director, Publications and Practice Guidelines | Phone: 202.431.0423

Ca246838cd4c6b37f9592a4f47210708 thumb Kara Shumaker, Events and Exhibits Coordinator | Phone: 202.863.2640

0cdd073c63903363cd77a6dae365f97a thumb Kerri Wade, MPA, Director of Communications | Phone: 202.863.2485

Vacant Positions

                        Finance Manager

                         Senior Executive Assistant 

Foundation for SMFM
The Foundation for SMFM (formerly the Pregnancy Foundation) was created to support the development of research and   educational opportunities in maternal-fetal medicine. The Foundation receives support from SMFM Members, Corporate Council members, patients, and the public in order to support fundamental research in maternal-fetal medicine, develop cutting edge clinical skills of MFM specialists, provide a mentoring program to future leaders in MFM, and fund opportunities for global health fellowships among SMFM members.

C253b5483d070a4d1d559a9684d38c68 thumb Michele Prince, MS, CGC, Executive Director | Phone: 202.863.2307

Dd422e98b0963e46bd3800e9e49507d1 thumb Michelle DiVito, RN, MSN, Scholars Program Coordinator | 212.305.2977

We regret that the SMFM Headquarters is not staffed to provide responses to inquiries about specific medical conditions or treatments.

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