Support Access to the Full Spectrum of Reproductive Care

SMFM’s support for reproductive rights and freedom is unwavering. Join us and #ActForAccess using the resources below.

Hot Topics

Over-the-Counter Oral Contraceptives: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the nonprescription sale of Opill (norgestrel) in July 2023. Access information about safety, insurance coverage, and expected availability of the product. 

Medical Emergencies and Access to Abortion Care: Federal law (EMTALA) requires hospitals that receive Medicare funds to treat anyone who presents with an emergency medical condition. Access 2023 guidance from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services regarding EMTALA and abortion care and learn about SMFM's efforts to provide expert input in related court filings.

Medication Abortion: There are currently several high-profile cases moving through the courts, impacting access to mifepristone. Learn more about SMFM's advocacy efforts and access clinical resources related to medication abortion.

Access Trusted Resources for Patients Needing Abortion Care.

SMFM offers a curated list of trusted resources to assist MFMs in addressing the needs of patients seeking abortion-related services. These resources can help identify referral sites, funding opportunities, practical support for travel and other costs, emotional support, and more. 

JOIN THE STATE LIAISON NETWORK. SMFM members can join the State Liaison Network and receive regular state-based policy updates via our quarterly newsletter and regular webinar series. Visit the Advocacy Hub to see what SMFM is doing in your state and get resources to advocate for optimal and equitable perinatal outcomes.

GET LEGAL SUPPORT. The Abortion Defense Network connects abortion providers and supporters with values-aligned attorneys prepared to provide legal advice, representation in criminal proceedings, representation in civil proceedings, and legal defense funds that cover attorney fees and other legal expenses. Anyone in the U.S. working to provide or support abortion can seek assistance from the Abortion Defense Network. If you have a legal need, please visit the Abortion Defense Network website and complete the intake form. Once you submit the form, an attorney navigator will contact you within 24 hours. 

CLINICAL AND POLICY PUBLICATIONS. Under the leadership of the Reproductive Health Advisory Group, SMFM has developed and endorsed a series of clinical and policy documents since the Dobbs decision.

Share Your Stories

SMFM launched an advocacy blog in 2023. Consider sharing your experiences providing MFM care since Roe was overturned. Blog posts can be personal stories, may compel colleagues to join your advocacy efforts, or help readers better understand the impact of abortion bans and restrictions on high-risk patients.

SMFM is regularly approached by policymakers and reporters who want to better understand the impacts of abortion restrictions on high-risk pregnant people and MFMs. One powerful way for MFMs to influence public policy and public understanding of abortion is to share their lived experiences. Recognizing that many MFMs may not be permitted to and/or are hesitant to describe what is happening with their patients in public forums, SMFM has created an anonymous story collection tool. Learn more and share your story here.

Researchers at University of California San Francisco are collecting de-identified stories of clinical management that has changed since Roe was overturned. Through an anonymous survey, health care providers may leave a written narrative or a voice memo describing the case. Visit for more information about the study and to submit your story.