MFM Fellowship

What is MFM Fellowship?

The maternal-fetal medicine fellowship trains OB-GYN physicians to serve as professional healthcare advocates for all pregnant individuals and function as collaborative consultants to general OB-GYNs and other healthcare providers in the management of complicated pregnancies. The Society supports Fellows through educational programs and funding for specialized research and clinical experiences. We welcome first-year fellows to the Society at our annual First Year Fellows Workshop and Retreat each fall, which brings together veteran MFM specialists and our newest members.

NEW! MFM SLOE (Standard Letter of Evaluation):

The MFM SLOE was designed by the MFM Fellowship affairs committee and approved by the SMFM Board, with the goal of evaluating the key traits important for a successful MFM fellow and MFM provider.

Resources for MFM Fellows

Fellowship Sites
Access a complete list of U.S.-based MFM Fellowships, interview dates, and program directors.

Applying for Fellowship
Find advice for OB/GYN residents interested in MFM Fellowship.

Research Support
We offer grants and scholarships for aspiring MFM specialists and those at a more advanced career stage in partnership with the Foundation for SMFM.

The member-only Research Consult Hotline is for MFM Fellows seeking guidance or assistance with their research. Through our Hotline, an experienced researcher will provide advice, troubleshooting, and, if desired, a mentor to address a specific need.

Your First MFM Job
Drs. Dan O'Keeffe and Brian Iriye share pearls from your peers on what they wish they had learned or did during Fellowship, and then walk through how to approach the job search, including the basics of physician contracts.

First-Year Fellows Retreat & Workshop
The SMFM First Year Fellows Retreat and Workshop is explicitly designed to position first-year MFM fellows for success; SMFM and the Foundation for SMFM co-host a yearly retreat.

MFM Fellow Lecture Series
The MFM Lecture Series (free to SMFM Members) supports obstetric clinicians and complements MFM fellowship programs with a twice-monthly web lecture series by MFM, ultrasound, research, neonatology, and genetics leaders.

Awards and Funding
Through our diverse programs, the Foundation for SMFM strives to advance equitable and optimal pregnancy care by fostering career development through research and education.

Resources for Fellowship Directors

Program Directors Online Community
The online community is a members-only group reserved for Fellowship Program Directors to collaborate, share ideas, and discuss fellowship-related topics. 

Resource Center
Find resources shared at the Program Directors Business Meeting and a link for how you can update your program listing with SMFM in the Fellowship Directory.