Registries and COVID-19 Research

A number of organizations and universities are establishing registries for the purpose of better understanding how pregnant and postpartum women are affected by COVID-19. The registries listed below are intended to provide information about the actions of like-minded entities; SMFM does not endorse these resources. 

  • The University of Washington is studying how COVID-19 might cause problems in pregnancy, such as preterm labor and more severe disease in the mother. The purpose of this study, "Immune Response to Infections in Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Women and Men," is to investigate the immune response of mothers and newborns with COVID-19 in pregnancy, influenza-like illness, and healthy pregnancies.
  • A nationwide study of pregnant and recently pregnant women who are either under investigation for Coronavirus infection (COVID-19) or have been confirmed to have COVID-19. Health professionals can refer patients, or patients can self-enroll on the PRIORITY website
  •  An observational COVID-19 and pregnancy study open to women in the United States and Canada with known or suspected COVID-19 infection at any point during a current or recent pregnancy or within 30 days of the last menstrual period before conception. The study is also recruiting breastfeeding women with known or suspected COVID-19 infection for a lactation study. Learn more about how to refer a patient on the MotherToBaby website.
  • SONPM is inviting every hospital that takes care of infants to participate in a National Perinatal COVID-19 (NPC-19) Registry by submitting de-identified maternal and neonatal data as it pertains to perinatal COVID-19. Learn more about the study design and how to submit data on the AAP website.