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SMFM Special Statement: Telemedicine in obstetrics—quality and safety considerations SMFM Statement SMFM 2023
SMFM Consult Series #60: Management of pregnancies resulting from in vitro fertilization Consult Series SMFM 2022
SMFM Consult Series #50: The role of activity restriction in obstetric management Consult Series SMFM 2020
SMFM Consult Series #52: Diagnosis and Management of Fetal Growth Restriction Consult Series SMFM, JG Martins, JR Biggio, A Abuhamad 2020
SMFM Consult Series #46, Evaluation and management of polyhydramnios OB-GYN, Sub-specialist, Certified Nurse Midwife and Laborist Obstetric Complications Consult Series SMFM, J Dashe, E Pressman, J Hibbard 2018
SMFM Consult Series #45, Mild fetal ventriculomegaly: diagnosis, evaluation, and management Fetal Issues and Complications Consult Series SMFM, N Fox, A Monteagudo, JA Kuller, ME Norton 2018

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