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SMFM Special Statement: Prophylactic low-dose aspirin for preeclampsia prevention—quality metric ... SMFM Statement SMFM 2023
Preeclampsia: a report and recommendations of the workshop of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medi... SMFM Special Report SMFM 2022
ACOG-SMFM Practice Advisory: Low-Dose Aspirin Use for the Prevention of Preeclampsia and Related ... Joint Publication ACOG and SMFM 2021
Executive summary: Workshop on Preeclampsia, January 25–26, 2021, cosponsored by the Society for ... SMFM Special Report SMFM 2021
SMFM Special Statement: Checklists for preeclampsia risk-factor screening to guide recommendation... SMFM Statement SMFM, CA Combs, D Montgomery 2020
SMFM White Paper: Pregnancy as a Window to Future Health Internal Medicine & Medicine Subspecialists OB-GYN, Sub-specialist, Certified Nurse Midwife and Laborist Smith, G.N and Saade, G. for the SMFM Health Policy Committee 2013

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