SMFM Special Statement: Postpartum visit checklists for normal pregnancy and complicated pregnancy

SMFM Statement,

Rising maternal morbidity and mortality rates, widening healthcare disparities, and increasing focus on cardiometabolic risk modification in at-risk patients have together catalyzed a shift in the postpartum care paradigm. What was once a single office visit in the 6 weeks after delivery is now being reimagined as a continuum of care that transitions patients from pregnancy to lifelong health optimization. However, this shift in postpartum care also comes with increased visit complexity and additional provider burden, particularly when patients have had significant pregnancy complications or have chronic diseases. To ensure that the comprehensive needs of both healthy and medically complex people are consistently met under this revised postpartum care paradigm, a postpartum visit checklist for uncomplicated postpartum patients and another checklist for those with major medical or obstetrical morbidities are presented. These checklists are designed to ensure that essential elements of physical and mental well-being are routinely considered, that adequate follow-up or specialty referrals are made, and that relevant future health risks are appropriately reviewed and discussed.

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TAGS: metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease