2017 Annual Report

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to share the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine’s 2017 Annual Report. Intended to be a snapshot of the year, the Annual Report showcases areas of tremendous growth for the Society. Highlights include:

  • We expanded our headquarters office in Washington, DC and added six new staff positions. With more staff in place, we can work towards implementing the strategic plan, which was developed in 2017 with member input.
  • In 2017, we offered more clinical guidance and patient education materials than any other previous year. Together with SMFM staff, the Publications Committee is responsible for the development of these documents, which cover a broad range of high-risk pregnancy topics.
  • The Annual Pregnancy Meeting remains a centerpiece of our work. In 2017, we expanded the scientific offerings at the Annual Meeting to add 75 additional posters, allowing for more presentation opportunities for MFM researchers and more choice for learners.
  • The Annual Meeting is also a significant source of revenue for the Society. Overall, the Society wrapped up 2017 with a net financial gain of $178,493,* which was reinvested in our reserves to fund growth and added programs.
  • We worked with other organizations to protect maternity care coverage through our advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill. More than 300 federal legislators were reached in 2017 with letters and emails from SMFM members. We launched a state liaison network to connect maternal-fetal medicine specialists across the country and have developed a library of resources for state-based advocacy efforts.
  • The Foundation for SMFM awarded more money to support practicing and aspiring MFM specialists than ever before. The ability to do so came largely from donations from you. Thank you for helping us support care in pregnancy through research in education.

The most important asset is you - our members. In the last decade, membership has grown by 58%. We value the loyalty of our long-time members and welcome new members into the fold. We hope you continue to enjoy the benefits of SMFM membership and if you have questions or need assistance, you are welcome to contact the members of our Board directly.

Thank you for your helping to make 2017 a great year. 

Sean Blackwell, MD 

Alfred Abuhamad, MD
Immediate Past-President

 Matt Granato, LLM, MBA
Chief Executive Officer