SMFM Position Statement: Gun violence and pregnancy

Position: The Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine acknowledges gun violence as a public health crisis in the United States, with a substantial impact on pregnant and postpartum people. We recognize the urgent need for a robust, equitable, data-driven approach to mitigate the impact of access to firearms and accompanying violence on pregnant and postpartum individuals and communities. As such, the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine endorses the following policy principles:

  1. The Society calls on relevant government agencies and public funders to support and finance antiviolence and firearm safety research, public health surveillance activities, education, and other initiatives. These initiatives should acknowledge and address the connection between access to firearms and the health and safety of pregnant and postpartum people and their families and communities.
  2. The Society strongly opposes legislation or regulations that impede or limit clinician-patient discussions about firearms.
  3. The Society calls for enhanced access to mental healthcare services for pregnant and postpartum people.
  4. The Society calls for additional support for individuals experiencing intimate partner violence and their families.
  5. The Society supports the creation of and funding for training programs for maternal-fetal medicine subspecialists and all clinicians about firearms and domestic violence prevention.
  6. The Society supports laws and regulations that restrict individuals with protective or restraining orders and those with intimate partner violence or stalking convictions from purchasing and owning firearms.

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