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Special Report of the Society for Maternal- Fetal Medicine Placenta Accreta Spectrum Ultrasound M... Radiologist SMFM Special Report SMFM 2021
SMFM Special Statement: Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine’s conflict of interest policy SMFM Special Report SMFM 2020
Reproductive services for women at high risk for maternal mortality: a report of the workshop SMFM Special Report Sean Blackwell, MD; Judette M. Louis, MD, MPH; Mary E. Norton, MD; Justin R. Lappen, MD; Christian M. Pettker, MD; Anjali Kaimal, MD, MAS; Uta Landy, PhD; Alison Edelman, MD, MPH; Stephanie Teal, MD, MPH; Roxanne Landis, JD, MPH 2020
Executive summary: Reproductive Services for Women at High Risk for Maternal Mortality Workshop, ... SMFM Special Report SMFM 2019
SMFM Special Report: Current Approaches to Measuring Quality of Care in Obstetrics SMFM Special Report SMFM 2016

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